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The Long Run – Tim Darnell

The Round of Golf…

…was scenic, although my score was immediately forgettable ūüôā

But not to fret, we’re relaxed!

So, what does business have to do with meeting you and playing a round of golf at an exotic, luxury resort?

In a word, a successful business is all about a very profound concept –


The reason we diligently work a home business that affords residual income while we’re away is to have quality lifestyle¬†options.

Building residual income and having options not constrained by the lack of money requires finding exactly the right company Рone that is going to be in existence for the long run.  It must be well run, amply funded, growing, and in an exciting momentum phase.

The products we represent have to be affordable, and they must genuinely work.  The products must produce visible results for both you and me, and for our customers, and they (our customers) must willingly re-order out of genuine desire.

The business must allow a person to create significant income from the beginning, and then “increasing” income due to duplication in sales and the growth of your growing Representative Team. ¬†That business should have the very real potential to create an income well in excess of any income a traditional job could afford. ¬†And, it should have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of examples of others who have transformed their lives via their home business.


“10 Secrets for Network Marketing Success” is our brand new training, delivered in 10 sequenced PDF’s that will definitely help you understand how to make money, while avoiding common mistakes. ¬†I will also give you my recommendation/opinion on which Company provides the greatest odds of success for a person like yourself at the end of the training. ¬†What you do with that information is completely up to you.

There is no obligation whatsoever to receive “10 Secrets…”, and the information is free. ¬†You can unsubscribe at any time, and you will not be hounded with offers. ¬†All of this is from a person who has made substantial income in the home business arena all of my adult life. ¬†I have experience that will be extremely valuable to anyone who subscribes, and who genuinely wants to build an appreciable income. ¬†I will also be informing you of live conference calls, as well as one on one consultations and three-ways on a regular basis for those of you whom I choose and invite to join me in business.

Enroll to Receive “10 Secrets for Network Marketing Success”

Quora – Tim Darnell

Join me on an intriguing social media standout and robust, Google-attractive site:

Quora requires its users to register with their real names rather than a screen name. It is also possible for Quora users to link their Quora accounts with their Twitter and Facebook accounts. Quora users can upvote or downvote answers. They can also suggest edits to existing answers provided by other users.

Very cool…

Tim Darnell

Internet Marketing:Top-Tier Domain or Sub-Domain

Here’s a small, yet important tip for Internet Marketers:

If you are planning on advertising your site via Google AdWords, you’ll need to stick to a Top-Tier Domain that has its own, dedicated hosting account, rather than using a Sub-Domain. ¬†Why? ¬†Google AdWords advertising requires a Top-Tier Domain.

While it may seem frugal to use Sub-Domain hosting (and it is), in order to bring in substantial traffic, you’ll want to bite the bullet and have a separate hosting account for each of your marketing sites.

Planning to do some Internet Marketing? ¬†Open up the wallet a little more and make each campaign count. ¬†Put some money and time into each site, including regular postings consisting of timely, valuable content, and you’ll be much more likely to drive the traffic needed for regular revenue creation.

Also, if you haven’t seen “Worst Day Strategy” for marketers, please see Part 1:¬†

And then, Part 2 at:

We’re dealing with a Malware attack at:, so if you’ve visited that site and see a red Google warning, you’ll know what’s going on. ¬†Should be fixed shortly!


Tim Darnell – Worst Day Strategy Part 2

Marketing Strategies for merchants and businesses are as varied as our imaginations. ¬†Here’s the part 2 explanation of our “Worst Day Strategy,” a simple, yet excellent way to boost your revenues. ¬†If you haven’t seen “Worst Day Strategy Part 1,” you can access it at:

Here is “Tim Darnell “Worst Day Strategy” Part 2:


Coupon, Daily Deals, Gift Certificate Spaces

Researching, reviewing the Internet Coupon, Daily Deal, and Gift Certificate publishing spaces.  Reviewing models, funding, synergies, Principles, statistics, problem areas, competitive edges, etc.  Intriguing new player Р, Pleasantville, NY.

Company composed of Founder and identical tech team that powered the highly successful, acquired by private equity firm, Pincus Warburg, is betting on innovative tech skills, radio support, and advertising representatives nationwide.

Advertisers seem to be drawn to the ability to change their offer simply and at any time, 24/7.  Pricing is evidently competitive, certainly relative to print advertising.

Will be interesting to see who emerges as the electronic ‘Coupon Delivery King’ in a discount conscious economy.

Tim Darnell


Mobile Advertising Sizzling Hot

I received an email notice from Redbox this morning about their recently added movie, Limitless.¬† It’s about a man who wakes up to find he can all of a sudden use 100% of his brain.¬† His new-found faculties allow him to create extraordinary success in business – a stimulating idea for all of us wanting to improve and grow our enterprises.

Thinking Рusing our brains just a little more than we have in the past can result in tremendous benefits to our businesses.  Thinking more is a differentiating factor that can result in huge dividends.  Thinking through optional solutions and methodologies can immediately set your business apart from your competitors and help you rise to leadership status within your vertical.

Mobile Advertising is a fresh and amazing way to set yourself apart.  It is currently, and will be for some time, a very effective in reaching new eye-balls that will be prompted to walk into your business.

I was in Manhattan on business several weeks ago and my Mobile Advertising guru, who made the trip with me, made a tremendous point.¬† He said, “The huge video screens are impressive, wouldn’t you agree?”¬†

I hadn’t been there in some time, and truly was dazzled by the size and number of flashing screens all around us.¬† But then he added the zinger, “See the thousands of people all around us?¬† Are they actually looking at the outdoor video screens?¬† Virtually everybody is doing what?”¬† He coyly wanted me to unearth the nugget that was the meat of his point on my own.

I looked around and said, “Hardly anybody is looking up, they’re all looking down – at their Smart Phones!” He just grinned – point graphically made…

If you’re in business and you want to ramp up your sales, you really need to exploit Mobile Advertising.¬† This exciting new media approach is highly effective at creating increased clicks, site-views, calls, walk-ins, and most importantly, sales.¬† Contra-intuitively, Mobile Advertising is almost always less expensive than print ads.¬† People are viewing their phones constantly.¬† They will see your ad.¬† This huge trend is unmistakable and accelerating.¬† For a quick statistical overview, see:

At Portfolio Marketing Group, we’ve fortunately teamed up with one of the top Mobile Advertising firms in North America.¬† They are amazingly efficient and effective at bringing customers to our Client’s doorsteps!

If you’re like me, you know we can all use more of the gray matter that we’ve not regularly tapped into in the past.¬† Mobile Advertising is a new, powerful dimension that is greatly empowering businesses all over the world.¬† It will refresh your Corporate image and make your business visible to countless new potential customers/clients.¬† Bottom line, it will invigorate sales.¬† It could even make you look, “limitless!”

If your advertising budget is $2,500.00 or above, we’ll talk with you about what you’re wanting to achieve, analyze your current advertising/marketing, and then provide a free estimate.

Tim Darnell

972-727-4995 – office | 469-667-3444 – cell


Mobile Marketing Acceleration

Less than 1% businesses have discovered Text Messaging Marketing, but that number is growing rapidly.

Consider: 5 Billion cell phone users vs. 1.8 bil on Internet.  97% of all text messages are opened vs. less than 40% e-mails.

Link below is brand new – excellent training on how to provide tremendous value to merchants, businesses, and organizations.¬† 19 year old highly respected marketing expert is the real deal…

Twitter – Integral Cog in Your Marketing Presence & Campaigns

Trying to comprehend, much less ‘use’ all of the various social media websites and services

Interviewing Highly Successful Business Owners
Tim Interviewing Highly Successful Business Owners

for marketing purposes can be daunting, but each can provide a unique boost to your business.  Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites, and for good reason.

Most people don’t sit around reading tweets, (I just received over 300 tweets in the last 15 minutes) but that doesn’t invalidate the fact that your tweets will be seen by more and more people depending on how many followers you develop.¬† Obviously, the more followers you acquire, the more valuable Twitter will be to your business or cause.¬† More on developing large numbers of followers in a moment…

Twitter is not just about sending a message to your followers.¬† You can integrate Twitter effectively into your blogs or websites in several ways.¬† One of my favorites is a plug-in that adds motion to the side of your site by scrolling 30 of your latest tweets continually.¬† So everyone who comes to your blog, without being one of your Twitter followers, can see your Tweets with the message and blog link you sent to your followers.¬† (Look to the right of this blog to see what I’m talking about)¬† When you understand how valuable this could be, your marketing imagination should kick into an even higher gear!

Also, you can include Twitter icons in your blog for readers to click, which will tweet your blog post to their followers.¬† If your article is different enough, and truly offers value, then it can become highly viral and spread to hundreds and thousands of people beyond your own list of Twitter followers.¬† Look again to the right and you’ll see Twitter, Facebook, and other links in a vertical column that will send this post to your followers.¬† You can add this feature to your WordPress blog in a matter of a few moments – simple as pie!

As  your marketing efforts mature, you will be inter-connecting a variety of sites and services that each have their unique purpose and benefits.  To repeat, Twitter is certainly an integral cog in your overall strategy.  You can use it to tremendous benefit, although value will only occur over time.

So, don’t be overwhelmed.¬† The process doesn’t take place overnight.¬† Nope, it’s one step at a time, and soon you’ll be in contact with thousands and thousands of people.

Gaining more Twitter followers: You can simply go to someone’s Twitter page you admire or like, and see the list of who they are following and/or who follows them.¬† You can easily “follow” any of those people you want to – people who seem interesting or who have similar interests.¬† Many, will in turn, choose to follow you back.¬† Later, you can “cull” the list of those you followed, who have not followed you back, if you like.

The more value you see in utilizing Twitter in your marketing campaigns, the more importance you will attach to growing a bigger list!¬† You can follow people one at a time, but that is a very slow process.¬† An alternative is to find a Twitter service that automatically adds followers.¬† There is nothing unethical about building your list this way.¬† Followers don’t have to be former friends.¬† One such service, among many, that seems to be gaining traction is: TweepFollow:

TweepFollow not only provides followers, it also has a generous affiliate program that if you will promote it / share it, you should be able to recover the 29.00/mth service charge in reasonable time, and then create positive cash flow.¬† We’re testing it now and will report our results in real numbers in the next few weeks.

Get excited about building your Internet presence via various sites and services.  Be diligent, and your results will pay off!

Next – Mobile Marketing & Advertising is sizzling hot, and will be the next wave.¬† If you are serious about your marketing, I encourage you to go ahead and get a Smart Phone if you don’t have one already (iPhone, Blackberry, etc).¬† We’ll cover some of the basics of this incredibly hot trend soon in an upcoming post…