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How to Talk About Isagenix

How do I talk about Isagenix? Let’s simplify “How to Bring Up Isagenix” – to people I already know, and to people I meet. You may want to listen several times to grab the concepts and lingo.

I don’t mind saying, “this is good!”


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Pick the Best Home Business Using Specific, Crucial Criteria – Be Smart, Consult a Professional

A Successful Home Business Can Transform Your Life!


…but how do you know what the best business is, or even looks like?  A wrong decision can result in frustration, wasted time and lost capital

However, Choose the Right Business, and You Can Experience:

Time Freedom and Residual,

Growing, Lifetime Cash Flow


Eliminate Your Financial Worries Forever


My name is Tim Darnell. I’ve been fortunate to have created great and even excellent income from the comfort of my home most of my life (33 years in the Home Business profession).  But that journey has not always been a bed of roses. After working myself into an exceptional income with what I thought was a very good company, my income suddenly “went away” when that company went out of business. I was in a bad situation, and knew I could not make anything but the very best choice when selecting a new concept and company. I decided to identify specific, crucial criteria – things a company would have to bring to the table that would give me and my family the best chance to succeed. I spent the better part of a year researching, studying, analyzing and eventually specifying what factors had to be in place. I came up with 32 specific concepts that HAD TO BE in place in order for me to consider any particular home business. Miss on one point, and a company wouldn’t qualify. For example, I’ll share 4 of the 32 criteria.


  1. The Company Must Provide a Product or Products that Genuinely Solve Major, Tim Darnell & Cathy Darnell Celebration 2014Universal Problems. The most significant opportunities deal with big problems and real pain that the masses experience. I was not looking for a “boutique” product, a “trendy” product, a “gimmicky” product, or a service that everybody could find and acquire elsewhere. The product or service had to be totally dynamic, transformational, and had to work, with tangible, amazing results 100% of the time. Plus, there had to be a full no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.


  1. Proprietary Solutions. The Company could not be another “Me-Too” Company that might have attractive packaging, but delivered only “so-so” products with meager results. It had to be unique in its approach to the aforementioned problems, and their solutions had to deliver incredible, unparalleled results. The perfect scenario would be the existence of little to no competition that could compare in terms of results.
  1. Excellent Pay Structure. Having lost my income due to a business that failed me, I was looking for a company that provided truly substantial income. I had to make up for a long period of no income. I couldn’t waste time on some inferior, nickel and dime operation. I needed to create serious weekly, monthly, and annual income that could support a better lifestyle and make up for the long period of time without income. My in-depth involvement with compensation structures allowed me to dissect compensation plans quickly, and I knew what types of plan do and don’t work for Associates in the field.
  1. Do-able for the Average Work at Home Person. Not only would this have to be a huge win for me and my family, it would have to deliver financial results for anybody on our team who is coachable and teachable, and who would be willing to focus and do the work necessary over the next two to five years.

There are 28 more criteria that I could share – all incredibly important when determining which company is best. Having been through 33 years of living out experientially, what works, as well as what doesn’t work, this list of 32 criteria is extremely important and highly valuable information that any and all Home Business seekers should be aware of.


In early 2012, I had narrowed my search down from 150 companies to 32 companies, of which 3 had qualified for at least 20 of the 32 criteria. But in March of 2012, I hit pay-dirt! I found a Company that met and even exceeded all 32 criteria!  After flying to the home office to meet the Owners, Founders and Management Team, I came away relieved and excited! This was a powerful concept that had no legitimate competition. Now, all of a sudden I had a Home Business that I could believe in and get excited about. I knew without question that this was the best choice for me and anybody I shared it with. This concept was tremendous, so I was able to start building our business immediately, and without any hesitation.


Not only did money start pouring in immediately, but now, 3 ½ years later, Cathy and I are about to surpass the Million Dollar Income Earnings mark! We’ve gained so much time freedom, travel and fun in the process that we almost have to pinch ourselves. We obviously have made the right choice, and the due diligence leading us to this choice has really paid off!


IMG_4585This Company has created 166 Millionaires in its brief 13 year history. That figure is unprecedented. And the number of people earning six digit incomes is incredible. More and more Six Digit Earners and New Millionaires are emerging every month! Imagine that! Can you see yourself earning substantially more money and changing your life for the better? How much on a monthly basis would it take for you to say good-bye to your current position?

While the vast majority of people enroll for the products alone (86%), some (~ 14% of all Associates) choose to engage in the income opportunity. And of those, some are content to just pay for their products, or they’re elated to earn a relatively small amount of additional income, like $250.00 per month. Many target $250.00 a week. Some look at this for job replacement income along with the joy of working from home and being independent of corporate confinement. Others want to hit a major homerun and create incomes that are truly life-changing!


I can only work with a handful of people at a time. I don’t like to waste time, and I’m sure you don’t either. So, here is who I’m interested in working with:

  1. Highly Motivated
  2. Teachable and Coachable
  3. Network Marketing Experience? Preferred, but not necessary.
  4. Person of Influence
  5. Social Media Savvy
  6. Understands the Value of Residual, Growing Income
  7. High Integrity
  8. Loves People
  9. Not Afraid of Making Money

If these 9 traits describe you, let’s talk. This website is not an attempt to enroll a lot of people. The intention is to find a handful of qualified professionals who understand the importance of locking arms with a highly successful professional (describing myself), someone who is 100% focused on the single best Home Business Opportunity available and is in the trenches every single day helping his team.

My Goal is to Teach You how to Create Residual, Growing, Walkaway, Lifetime, Willable income for You and Your family!

Follow me on Facebook (Tim.Darnell), Twitter (TimDarnellAC), Instagram (DarnellTim), LinkedIn, Periscope (Tim Darnell) and Meerkat (TimDarnell). I also look forward to chatting with you. 469-667-3444 – the very best form of communications!

If you’ve read all of this message, that could be a good sign that this may be for you. We won’t know if this is a fit until we chat, however, and believe me, I will be interviewing you to see if you are a fit for me and my company. While I will provide you with ample information for you to understand all aspects of this incredible Company, I will be asking about you, your intentions, and WHY you are ready to go to work. I will definitely want you to be transparent in our conversation, as I will be with you.

Thanks for your interest. This could get very exciting for you. When you find out the particulars, you’ll be elated!


Tim & Cathy Darnell


Takeaways from NYKO – $722 Million in 2014 – $1 Billion plus in 2015

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Isagenix Momentum is truly unparalleled. And this is not a “bottle rocket” phenomenon. This is a rock-solid Company with unprecedented science and solutions for world-wide health and wellness issues. Isagenix is certainly experiencing #FreakishMomentum , and yet, few of the people I talk to have ever heard of it. That means perfect timing to build a legacy business for your family.




Master These – Tim Darnell, Isagenix

Any profession has basic skills that, when perfected, enable a person to reap the benefits available. In Network Marketing, learning this handful of skills and then MASTERING them can provide incredible rewards, including “Residual, Growing, Lifetime, Walkaway, and Willable Income”. If you would like the slides used during this presentation, we will send them to you at no charge. Simply email: TimDarnellAC@gmail.com and we’ll get those to you ASAP!

athlete on the inside
Shedding fat, both subcutaneous and visceral, promotes better health. Indeed, obesity is the mother of many health problems.


Go Executive Fast! Isagenix – Tim Darnell

If you’ve wondered how Associates are flying to the rank advancement of Executive, there are a few things you can do that will dramatically hasten that process. Find out about “Crystal Consultant” and how you can create Consultants more rapidly, in turn leading to faster rank advancement to Manager, Director and ultimately, Executive.

Creating Residual Income – and Lots of It!

12 Minute Information Audio:

I’ve been on the phones since April of 2012. Why? To put in place residual, growing, passive, walk-away, weekly, monthly, and annual income, and frankly, a lot of it. I don’t say that to brag. What I’ve done is available to anybody else who truly wants to accomplish the same thing. Yep, it’s genuinely there for the taking.

Before you suspect me of being greedy, let me assure you I’m not.  I give away lots of money all the time.  You can be greedy if you have lots of money or if you have very little money.  I don’t worship money, I worship God.  I am a devout believer and in every way a simple, family man who loves his wife, children, and extended family.  But I do recognize the value of money.  Money is simply a tool that helps accomplish many, many great things.

Creating “Residual Income” is an idea that opposes the chosen method in which 99% of the population participates, and that is, “Trading Hours for Dollars.” If you have a job, or even if you own a traditional brick and mortar business, you’ve acquiesced to the idea that making money can only happen when you report to work every day, work your fingers to the bones, suffer office politics, and start over again tomorrow to do the same thing. It’s a life-long, endless treadmill of a pursuit. But just because everybody else follows that default method, doesn’t make it the optimal way of creating income – because it is not.

You’re saying, “Sure, Tim. You can do it, but what about me?” I would tell you right now that you can’t do it if you’re not willing to be diligent and learn a few concepts about which most people are completely unaware. You’ve heard the phrase, ‘we don’t know what we don’t know.’ That is a bingo phrase – absolutely correct. You’re much better off teaming with a successful professional who will take you under his or her wings and work with you for the next two years to get the job done.

So, if you were to try to do what I and several others have done, you would have to go through a prolonged trial and error process to learn what works and what doesn’t. That will be a long, frustrating, and expensive process. Better to learn from those who have beat their heads up against the wall for years to develop the proper mindset, the knowledge, and the techniques that work, and that can truly change your life. The concepts I teach are simple, and you can learn them.  But I have to have your attention.  You can’t play with this idea or treat it in a cavalier manner, you’ve got to be serious about what you can accomplish.

That doesn’t mean we don’t have fun.  We absolutely do.  But we’re also focused and serious about the creation of residual income, and I’m going to help you, AND be with you every step of the way, including being accessible by phone, email, and text messages.  I am making great income, but my goals are higher.  Helping you get to the income level of your dreams will help me achieve my personal monetary plans at the same time.

This is all about freedomboth Time and Financial Freedom.  You won’t get the time freedom without the financial freedom, and that is what we are going to get done.

My upcoming training series is entitled “Tim Darnell Builds Your Team.” The training is going to be produced in the comfort of my home office. And it will be available to someone like yourself who is serious about creating residual income, being your own boss, and getting out of the rat-race of the corporate world and the tyranny of trading hours for dollars.

If you are serious about creating Residual Income, and you would like to receive this series, simply email me at: timdarnellac@gmail.com – Notice you didn’t have to enroll on a list.  This is personal and we need to talk.  If you don’t get me live, simply leave a message and I’ll get back to you.  TimDarnellAC@gmail.com 469-667-3444 cell.