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The Long Run – Tim Darnell

The Round of Golf…

…was scenic, although my score was immediately forgettable ūüôā

But not to fret, we’re relaxed!

So, what does business have to do with meeting you and playing a round of golf at an exotic, luxury resort?

In a word, a successful business is all about a very profound concept –


The reason we diligently work a home business that affords residual income while we’re away is to have quality lifestyle¬†options.

Building residual income and having options not constrained by the lack of money requires finding exactly the right company Рone that is going to be in existence for the long run.  It must be well run, amply funded, growing, and in an exciting momentum phase.

The products we represent have to be affordable, and they must genuinely work.  The products must produce visible results for both you and me, and for our customers, and they (our customers) must willingly re-order out of genuine desire.

The business must allow a person to create significant income from the beginning, and then “increasing” income due to duplication in sales and the growth of your growing Representative Team. ¬†That business should have the very real potential to create an income well in excess of any income a traditional job could afford. ¬†And, it should have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of examples of others who have transformed their lives via their home business.


“10 Secrets for Network Marketing Success” is our brand new training, delivered in 10 sequenced PDF’s that will definitely help you understand how to make money, while avoiding common mistakes. ¬†I will also give you my recommendation/opinion on which Company provides the greatest odds of success for a person like yourself at the end of the training. ¬†What you do with that information is completely up to you.

There is no obligation whatsoever to receive “10 Secrets…”, and the information is free. ¬†You can unsubscribe at any time, and you will not be hounded with offers. ¬†All of this is from a person who has made substantial income in the home business arena all of my adult life. ¬†I have experience that will be extremely valuable to anyone who subscribes, and who genuinely wants to build an appreciable income. ¬†I will also be informing you of live conference calls, as well as one on one consultations and three-ways on a regular basis for those of you whom I choose and invite to join me in business.

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